Reebok Easy Tones: No Buns of Steel but Ankle Twisting and Broken Knee cap! Reviewed by a doctor of physical therapy

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As an MBT fan for two years, it’s blasphemous for me to even consider switching to another “anti-gravity” tone-up shoe. My mom bought a pair of Champions sports shoes and Sketchers that is similar to the MBTs. According to her, the Sketchers isn’t as effective as the MBTs and I agree with her.

When I wore the MBTs, I had no ankle pain and my hamstrings were sculpted like marble legs– amazing. However, my calves also grew thicker thanks to the ankle pumping action increased with the plantarflexion my gastrocnemius and soleus muscles were constantly performing. In layman’s terminology: plantarflexion, pointing the toes down. With a rocker-bottom shoe like MBTs, Sketchers Shape Ups, your feet are constantly rocking back and forth.

I developed some sudden pain recently in the back of my left heel, having developed an extra talus bone. The MBTs and the constant rocking of my feet irritated the Achilles Tendon, leading to inflammation and more pain. Thus, if I continued to wear my MBTs, I would have chronic pain and inflammation. So I had to retire my favorite pair of shoes. Went through three jobs in a year with the same pair of shoes!

So I decided to give Easy Tones by Reebok a try. They are nice and slim, lighter, and more fashionable than the other rocker bottoms. Plus, technically, it’s not a rocker bottom without the soft, raised heel.

Problems with the shoe arose immediately. First of all, the sole is too narrow. For people with weak ankles, (inversion and eversion muscles) it’s very easy for them to twist or sprain their ankles while wearing these shoes. Happened to me about three weeks ago. I tripped and sprained my right ankle, leading to a fall on my left knee and a MRSA/Tetanus scare. But that’s another story.

I’ve worn my Easy Tones religiously for at least a month or two now. Have I noticed any weight loss changes? No. But I am dieting and exercising more and it’s been hot. So of course I’m losing some water and sweat weight.

But anyway, my heel hasn’t been hurting. My ankles don’t hurt. My calves don’t feel sore or tired. So are these shoes affective?

Let me just tell you this– shoes can not replace eating well and exercising. So they may help a little, but don’t be lazy, get out there, be active and eat well. Don’t depend on shoes because these shoes have more of a placebo affect on you than true long term affects.

Will I still wear them though? Sure, why not. After the ankle sprain, I have been rehabilitating myself to make sure my ankle isn’t as weak anymore!

Okay, until next time, hope this shoe review helps you!

~The Lady Shoe Expert, DPT/CLT Kat Lieu

2 thoughts on “Reebok Easy Tones: No Buns of Steel but Ankle Twisting and Broken Knee cap! Reviewed by a doctor of physical therapy

  1. I haven’t purchased a pair of the shoes yet, but was going to. I didn’t though, because me dad was concerned about wearing them in the winter. They’re harder to balance on in the first place, so are they safe? I also have a weak right knee. Is that known to twist easily with those shoes?

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