Julian Assange’s Arrest, Braver New World


A man most world leaders want to see six feet under will soon grace the cover of TIME Magazine as a real-life dark hero. Julian Assange, founder of the now infamous whistleblowing site, Wikileaks.org, leads TIME Magizine’s Person of the Year polls. Arrested on December 7th, 2010 in London, Assange faces charges as a sex offender (possibly rapist). Some argue that the women who have accused him of rape and assault have plotted against him, exploiting his world wide influence and infamy.

Hey, just like TIME, kudos to you. I’m sure your sales for that issue will reach the skies.

Political leaders want Julian Assange’s head. Regular folks like you and I may be fascinated by his acts. Amazed by the shocking amount of classified documents and videos he and his group have been able to release to the world. Some Netizens have compared him to Blomkvist, the popular fictional hero in the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Assange will lead us to a Braver, New World, one where established governments can no longer keep deep, dark secrets from the common people. Big Brother, we’re watching you.

Thanks to Wikileaks.org (currently down but available in many mirror sites across the web) and Assange, we now have access to classified documents, leaked cables, a video of US soldiers killing innocent journalists and civilians in Iraq, and a bevy of other disturbing information otherwise kept secret from the public.

We are already full of disillusionment. The public is aware, with one eye opened and the other shut, that the world is a dark place full of corruption, secrets, cruelty, and unfairness. Our young nation, the United States, still has so much growing and learning to do. We blamed Bush for our failing economy, 9/11/2001 and the troubles in Iraq. Despite how free we are, we will always be oppressed. (TSA, anyone? What about the whole deal last year with hospitals mandating their workers to have flu shots or be forced to stop working?) We will always be kept in the dark about somethings, often shameful things no politician would want exposed.

So should Assange and Wikileaks be lauded for exposing “oppressive regimes?” Our society is too free in some aspects. Privacy issues: Celebrities have no privacy whatsoever. Every now and then, sex tapes are leaked. Careers are destroyed. Remember what had happened to Mel Gibson? Heath Ledger’s body bag made the news. TMZ never leaves the stars alone.

What was leaked by Wikileaks and Assange, however, have a bigger impact on not just one society, but the entire world. Leaders in smaller countries may clean up their acts, fearing revolts from the public when people learn of corruption and the failures of their government.

The impact with America, however, may be a deeper disillusionment, a decrease in morale, and the rise of radicals and anarchists, young people who become extremists, holding rallies and petitions to help free Assange.


Hacking becomes cool. If Assange/Wikileaks can hack into governments (who have hackers of their own), then others can hack into school files, hospital files, and even a household’s files.

Everything that has been revealed thus far by Assange and Wikileaks comes as a great shocker.

But wake up, people. Our government is flawed. Leaders are hypocrites and corrupted. Every one is involved in some sort of a cover up. As a regular, hardworking American though, I’d like to have a tiny bit of pride and love left for my country. I don’t want to be completely disillusioned. I want to believe in the promises Obama has made. I want to believe that my vote counts and that there is good left in our leaders.

Should we idolize Assange? Should he and Wikileaks continue to leak classified information? I think they should stop. They’ve already made enough of an impact to warn world leaders. Stop before there’s more chaos in the world. In nature, even animals have hierarchies and leadership. Look at ants. Look at lions. The public needs to have leaders and needs to have some faith in their government.

Thank you Assange for revealing the faults and darkness in our government. Conspiracies theories are now factual. Now please stop and let our government make amends. Let us have some faith again, so there’s order and peace in the world.

There has to be a happy medium. People like Assange but with some reserve.

One thought on “Julian Assange’s Arrest, Braver New World

  1. You know a friend of mine recently pointed out to me regarding the Wikileaks drama, that if something should happen to Assange, devastating new information would be released that could bring the U.S. to ruins within days. Fire and brimstone coming from the sky, rivers and seas boiling, earthquakes, volcanoes, human sacrifice, cats and dogs….living together….mass hysteria.

    I’m gonna take a breath.

    I have to say that I agree with your perspective Nummyz…mostly. I think we should thank Assange for revealing faults and darkness within our government. The illusion that government provides that is portrayed in our media outlets, is really a uni-dimensional perspective of what goes on in our legislative discussions. The internet has now provided the ability of another dimension for our viewing pleasure, albeit also through the perspective of a writer/author. So any writer knows to keep anyones attention, sometimes short and sweet is the best. So that’s how information becomes delivered to us, in packets, or sometimes gobs of focused, to-the-point headlines.

    But usually, that’s just a fraction of the story. And a perspective at best.

    My point is that I agree with Nummyz regarding the world is not perfect. Our reporting medium/media has countless outside influences, and themselves are run by people with opinions and biases, whether they realize it or not.

    But my concern is that people have come to expect everything from our government. What may the government give me? Why haven’t they helped with unemployment rates? Why are taxes too damn high? Trust me when I say I’m of liberal mind, but my point is to say that the government is run by…whom? Guess what….its run by people. So if you have a problem with it, deal with it, or go do something about it.

    Trust me, I know easier said than done. Most people are in no position to do anything about it. I sympathasize….strongly. But, it is how I feel. Even though I am often the hippocrite and complain.

    Case in point, mandatory H1N1 influenza vaccination last year that was brought up by Nummyz. Now that’s a tough call. Are we oppressed if we are forced to take the vaccination as health care professionals? Absolutely!! Are we entitled to go to receive health care with receiving minimal exposure risk to such things as H1N1? Absolutely also!! Its unfortunate that the virus moved faster than we can establish controlled trials to ensure the vaccine’s safety. At that point it becomes a risks benefits game. Is there a risk there can be a serious outbreak? Yes. Is there an increased risk of serum sickness/anaphylaxis with the vaccine? Also yes. How does one reconcile the realm of public health versus individual rights? I’m not sure. Is this something that is written into the constitution? I’m not sure also….but I don’t think so.

    So I almost feel, as inflammatory or not it may sound, that we should hold the government accountable. But remember, that we should also hold ourselves accountable.

    So…on that soapbox-like note….happy holidays. I’ll get off now.

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