Eat like a Caveman and lose weight (fat).


Some foods will make you fat. This, of course, doesn’t apply when you’re one of those people who wouldn’t get fat from eating poorly everyday. Like that stick-thin man you know who eats more than a whale. Or that model-thin woman who eats five times more than her fatter, jelly (jealous) friend. However, for the rest of us, we’ll get fat when we eat certain foods.

Foods that have white sugar, refined carbohydrates, starches. Examples: Cookies, cake, ice cream, soda, processed fruit juices, muffins, bagels, pasta, rice, crackers, etc…
These foods are made up of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates when ingested trigger the body to produce insulin, which in turn triggers the production of fat cells. These fat cells metabolize calories. When the fat cells are used up to expend the calories, the body doesn’t gain weight (or specifically gain fat).

Foods filled with carbohydrates make a person feel full slower than foods complete with fats or proteins. When this is the case, the person has to eat more to feel full. Eating more carbohydrates leads to more insulin in the body and in the end, more fat cells. Overeating carbs will lead to the retention of fat cells in the body. When fat cells get fat, they can become fatter and fatter.

Hence, to put it simply, when you eat a lot of carbohydrates, you can become fat. *unless you’re lucky*

Now, if you eat like a caveman, you can lose fat. You eat proteins and some fats. You feel fuller faster and you’re eating all the right foods. You’re expending all the calories you consume and your fat cells aren’t getting fatter.

Readjusting one’s diet does not mean she should starve herself. She just has to eat the right foods and eat better.

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One thought on “Eat like a Caveman and lose weight (fat).

  1. For a person can achieve weight loss should
    change their eating habits.

    Avoid or reduce the junk food and replace it with vegetable fiber.

    The process should be slow, and so do not go through abstinence

    Is difficult at first to change our eating habits, so I advise, change our habits slowly but steadily.

    we have to eat much more fiber (25 grams a day) and drink lots more water

    We have to sleep 7.5 hours per day minimum

    Divide meals at 5.6 or 7 small meals

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