Simple Tips to Help Keep the Breasts Healthy and possibly prevent breast cancer.


Women have significantly higher risks of developing breast cancer than men. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 200,000 females developed breast cancer in 2010 in the US, as compared to 1970 males. A little less than 40,000 females died whereas only 390 men died.

Most of the men who develop breast cancer usually have larger breasts than other men.

Breast cancer develops when cancerous cells lump together in the breast, blocking lymphatic flow and can possibly form in the lymph nodes as well.

My theory is that because there is so little daily lymphatic fluid (drainage of toxins that may build up in the large breast tissues), cancer cells have a higher chance of lumping together and forming in the breast (mainly in the ducts and lobules). What exacerbates this may be the wearing of constrictive bras that further limit breast tissue movement, which can hinder lymphatic flow.

A remedy for this situation is to not wear bras when sleeping and when in the house (if the female is comfortable with not wearing a bra at home).

To improve lymphatic flow in the breast, females should be encouraged to touch their breasts more often, especially in the shower, to massage their breasts in circular motions.

Another great massage is to stimulate both the armpits, rubbing the area with lotion in circular motions 7-10 times daily, to facilitate lymphatic flow for the lymph nodes inside the armpits.

Adding to this, is massaging the hip junctions, right by the sides of the groin, also in circular motion to stimulate inguinal lymph nodes.

“Risk factors for breast cancer include older age, certain inherited genetic alterations, hormone therapy, having radiation therapy to the chest, drinking alcohol, and being obese. It may be possible to decrease the risk of breast cancer by getting exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. More information is available through the links on this page.”– The National Cancer Institute.

Please spread the word! Don’t be afraid to touch your own breasts, please!

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