Spoiled Nation, Rotting Americans

Joel Stein writes in The Awesome Column of TIME magazine, “One week earlier, Cassandra’s (his wife) grandmother, with whom she was very close, had died. She did not cry. The Wagon Wheel rejection, however, led to the Fountain of Cassandra.” Joel refers to the rejection of his two year old from a prestigious pre-school.

Though his column (which cracks me up usually) did not shock me, it makes me believe we’re becoming a spoiled-rotten, lost-cause nation. The petty things that upset us versus the life-events that no longer fazes us, shows me how spoiled our society has become. Joel starts his article with, “I always thought having money would mean not waiting in line. I assumed we would use our money to spend our time doing things we love, like accusing our housecleaners of stealing stuff.” Spoiled much?

The things people cry over feel so ridiculous. Maybe I shouldn’t question why Joel’s wife didn’t shed a tear after her grandmother had died, but to cry over not being able to fork out thousands of dollars a semester for her nose-picking two-year old to go to pre-school (an experience he would never remember or truly gain anything significant from)– COME ON.

Americans seriously need to re-prioritize. Our current generations are already spoiled. In the future, we can look forward to generations of whiny, annoying, and uselessly rotten folks who laugh at funerals and cry when they chip their fingernails.

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