15 East, NYC Review: Photos of their Tasting Menu

Zagat: 26 / 30 

  15 East 15th Street  New York, NY 10003
(212) 647-0015

For my husband’s birthday, I decided to surprise him and take him to 15 East, an upscale sushi restaurant by Union Square in NYC. If you’re willing to splurge (but not splurge-splurge like you would at Masa), you’ll be in for quite a treat, a delectable and fun culinary adventure. 

We decided not to sit at the sushi bar, even though every other reviewer will tell you to do so. My husband and I like to sit at a table, where we stuff our faces in front of each other and not in front of the sushi master. 



The hostess led us to a corner table at the front of the house. We looked through their extensive wine list and menu and decided to have a glass of white wine and a glass of bellini.


We then ordered the tasting menu for one person and shared it. Each of our plates from the tasting menu came separated into two. That was nice of the chef and servers. We also ordered the Cherry Wood Smoked Duck Entree, an order of Uni Flight, and an order of Home-Made Tofu with Ginger Soy. 

The entire experience lasted a little under three hours. First, we received a yummy cube of tofu with a dab of wasabi to cleanse our palates and prepare us for the feast to come. 


Then came the first dish, an appetizer with four components: A shot with a quail egg and seafood, a baby turnip (so fresh and delicate), a slow-poached octopus (massaged over 500 times) and a small dish of cooked fish.


Then came a delicious bowl of hand-made cold soba noodles with caviar and uni.



That was one of my favorite dishes of the night. Then came the fresh and light tofu with a bowl of soy sauce. We were told to put freshly sliced ginger into the soy sauce. I’ve never tasted tofu creamier or softer than this one.



After the tofu, we were back to items from our tasting menu: Sashimi! Fresh and delicious. No frozen taste, no bad after taste. Once you have sashimi from 15 East, you probably will become a sashimi snob. Notice the live shrimp head. Don’t eat it. It’ll come back as a surprise later. 



Here’s our Uni Flight, three small plates of creamy, buttery and fresh Uni. No soy sauce or wasabi needed here.



As promised, the shrimp head returns, deep-fried, crunchy, seasoned and completely edible.




Here is our Smoked Duck entree. At this point, we realized we’ve over-ordered. This was good, though I did like the Duck Breast I had at Matsuri more.


The double entrees: filled conch shell and corn fritter. The entree portions of the tasting menu were a bit scant in my honest opinion, though scrumptious and memorable. 




Here’s the last dish: Sushi! No complaints here. Fresh, delicious, and creative. Under the leaf is a pleasant morsel of surprise. 


The waitress surprised Jake with a cake and happy birthday.


And we ended the night with complimentary truffles. Chocolate, sushi, wine, duck: the ways to my man’s heart. An expensive but highly enjoyable and memorable night. I would definitely return to 15 East. 




Kat’s Review: 4/5

Photos copyright Nummyz.com

Taken by Jake with a Sony RX100

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