Pocket Fetal Doppler, best gift for mommy-to-be’s!

It’s not a secret that the American health care system is flawed. You make an appointment to see a doctor at least a month in advance. When you go see the doctor, you still have to wait for your turn despite having that appointment. As a mommy-to-be, I see my ob-gyn once a month. When I do see her, I’d be lucky to spend ten minutes with her. She has great bedside manners but because she’s so popular, she rushes. She checks my baby’s heartbeats with a fetal doppler. Then sends me off for blood tests or ultrasounds.

Yes I can email and call her at anytime, but every little thing concerns me. I’m a hypochondriac. How’s my baby doing? Why is my belly so small when I’m already five months pregnant? Why are my boobs the size of watermelons? (Not exaggerating, they are heavy, swollen, and can crush the skull of a bear…) Is my baby’s heart beating.
At five months pregnant, I still can’t feel my baby’s movements. I can’t hear his heartbeats.

For Mother’s Day, my amazing husband surprised me when he gave me a pocket fetal doppler (Sonaline B Prenatal Heart Listener) along with ultrasound gel. This machine looks just like the one my ob-gyn uses. Hearing my boy’s heartbeats at home on my bed with my family around me for the first time was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had as a mommy-to-be. I definitely recommend all expectant mothers to invest in this product. Heartbeats can be heard as early as nine weeks (or earlier!). Nothing relaxes and relieves me more than being able to hear my boy’s heart beat strongly as he grows inside of me whenever and wherever. Power to mommy-to-be’s stuck in a world of flawed health care systems.

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