15 Reasons to Date a Recruiter

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1. They work in HR, which means they’re patient and cuddly individuals. Others always call and blame them when something goes terribly wrong, and they just take it and keep smiling and dialing.

2. They’re smooth-talking, slick and professional individuals, so they’ll always make you feel good about yourself.

3. They’re social butterflies with 500+ connections on LinkedIn. Chances are, they can also get you a job.

4. They’re going to listen to you since they listen to others drone on and on about their lives every 9-5 from Monday to Friday.

5. They interview people all day, so they know how to act during interviews, such as your first date– they’ll be perfect daters. (Hiring and recruiting is just like dating!)

6. They know how to have fun. After a long week, you’ll find a recruiter and his/her buddies at the local bar during Happy-Hour Thursdays.

7. They probably aren’t psycho-killers. To work in HR, you’d have to pass some rigorous screening and background checks.

8. They make decent money and probably don’t have thousands of dollars in loans/debts– to become a recruiter, a BS or BA degree often suffices.

9. They’ll be available on weekends! Most recruiters work 9-5, Monday to Friday. With technology like Skype and FaceTime, recruiters can telecommute.

10. They won’t embarrass you on your dates. Most recruiters are snazzy dressers, as that’s a dress code required by their jobs.

11. They’ll motivate you and cheer you on. Unbeknownst to most people, recruiters cheer on their candidates and want them to succeed.

12. They are organized individuals known to multi-task so chances are, you won’t be dating a hoarder.

13. They’re emotionally-strong and stable, because back to #1, they take a lot of crap from internal and external customers.

14. They probably know from the start that you’re “the right fit” for them and will try their best to keep you happy.

15. They’ll be ready for action. After sitting at a desk from 9-5 all day long, they’ll have plenty of pent-up energy to spend on you 😉

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