Don’t get bent-out-of-shape over #bendgate. Use commonsense. Aluminum bends!

Common laws of chemistry and physics– aluminum, a ductile and soft metal, will bend when you apply enough force to it. If you forcibly bend your new iPhone 6 Plus (as shown in Unbox Therapy’s iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test video), then of course its aluminum frame will bend. If you sit on that phone as it’s wedged in the back pocket of your skinny jeans for over 18 hours, it quite possibly can bend then too.

Before you get bent out of shape over “#bentgate”, note that Apple’s new “phablet” will do much better when you don’t carry it in the pockets of your tight pants and jeans. IMHO, it’s too big for pant pockets, unless you’re wearing pantaloons with large and loose pockets.

If you must wedge it into those pockets, then purchase a hard-shelled case to cover the phone. Soft cases made of silicon or leather may not be enough in preventing the phone from bending when enough force is applied to it.

Glass shatters when dropped. Electronics malfunction when wet. Aluminum bends when you bend it. Ever play with aluminum foil? It’s all really commonsense. Unbend this #bentgate and don’t get bent out of shape over this non-hype. #unbentgate

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