How I learned to be happy from my baby: Five easy rules to follow

Life is good for a baby. You wake up when you want, eat the moment you’re hungry and someone changes and washes you when you’re soiled. I can’t imagine adults living this life unless they have a 24-7 maid (or they’re in need of 24-7 care), but we don’t have to be treated like babies to be happy like babies. Here are a few lessons that I’ve learned from my 11-month-old son.

1. Smile– smiling shows others that you’re happy and brightens their mood. When my son smiles, my world lights up. He’s happy and I’m happy. Living in NYC, I’m often weirded-out when strangers are nice to me. I’ve forgotten that people tend to be nice. When we visited Philly, strangers were always smiling at us, greeting us with salutations and it was not weird to have conversations with them.

2. Sleep– sleep and rest when you’re tired. You can only do so much when you’re exhausted from the day’s activities. Put down that smartphone, log off of Instagram and Facebook, and sleep. When my son is tired, he shuts off the world and sleeps. He wakes up happy every single time after a nice rest.

3. Play– like sleeping, we also need to play. We have to learn to turn off the seriousness and worry– we will find ways to pay our bills. Turn on that inner-child and play– do what you love. Explore the city. Play with your children. Enjoy life a little, even during the week days.

4. Cry– you don’t always have to be tough or put on that poker-bitch-face. We have tears and tear ducts for a reason– we’re supposed to cry when we feel like it. The world is a tough place. Babies are born crying to cope with the cold, harsh world. When we need a good cry, just go for it.

5. Love– my son has taught me to love others more affectionately, show my appreciation and give more hugs and kisses. My son’s eyes light up when he sees me and his smiles are genuine and beautiful. He loves me with no qualms and I’ve learned to show my own parents this.

Live, laugh, learn, smile, sleep, play, cry and love like and baby and I guarantee you’ll be a much happier person.

Emma Thompson is right– working moms aren’t great; they’re effing amazing #FAM

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Emma Thompson (who has a net worth of approximately $50million USD) has the luxury of taking a year off from work to focus on “being a mother.”

Excuse me, but the last I checked, my mother had worked all her life and she never lost her focus on being a great mother. She was and still is an effing amazing mother. Now that I’m a new mother, I also work full time and truly believe that not only am I a great mom, I’m a fantastic mom.

Any mom who loves her children and tries her hardest is great, regardless of whether she works or not. Our society doesn’t judge fathers who work. So why do we judge moms when they work? We’re all about educating women and empowering women, and yet when we become mothers, society stigmatizes us for working.

Hey Emma and others who judge working moms, here are five reasons why I’m an awesome mama:

1. The day before I gave birth, I was still at work. From day one of my pregnancy, I was a fabulous mom, one who protected the baby in her belly while navigating crazy NYC like a pregnant ninja.

2. At work, I’m connected to my baby, Phil. Every day, I bring home two full bottles of breast milk. For the first year of his life, I’ll keep my son well-nourished with a superfood that only I can provide for him #proudmama

3. I’ve learned to trust others and depend on their support. Even kings need advisers. I know I can’t do everything myself, especially since I have a full-time job. That’s what makes me a super mama–I know my limits and ask for help.

4. I spend quality time with Phil. When he’s awake and we’re together, my iPhone is down, my laptop is off and I’m disconnected. No social media, no games (that means you 2048 and Flappy Bird)– I’m feeding Phil, changing him, bathing him, singing to him and playing with him. Time with him is precious.

5. I know I’m not perfect but that’s okay. There is no standard definition for what makes a mama great. To me though, a great mama is evident in her children’s health and happiness. Look at Phil’s chubby cheeks and you tell me, a working mama who works every second she’s awake–both at work and at home as a mom, wife, daughter and human being– that she’s not great and not effing amazing.


Please share your thoughts as a working mom. Celebrities and others who doubt working moms and stigmatize them should open their eyes! You, m’dears, are fu**ing amazing mamas! #FAM

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